My Grandfather Is Secretly Into The Ladies


I liberated a speaker box, a pick axe, and a sledgehammer from my grandpa over the weekend. The heavy tools held no surprises, but when I opened up the back of the speaker box I found this lovely speaker from nineteen sixty whatever in there. Look at the picture! Amazing! She’s as big as my thumb! The box itself is very nice also, but I forgot to take any pictures. I think it is for a 10″ speaker, so I might replace this speaker with a decent sub and hang the old one on the wall somewhere — like in my music room.

I don’t have a music room, and that’s the shame of it all.

3 Responses to “My Grandfather Is Secretly Into The Ladies ”

  1. i don’t want to hear that bedtime story, grandpa…


  2. You could also give it to me. I need good speakers. “Give not unto thyself…”


  3. King,
    if you have the capability to drive a subwoofer this could be an interesting enclosure — except that the back is not so much ported as… vented. I would recommend also getting a choke coil for it, as available at Radio Shack.

    The speaker itself is probably quite terrible.

    Oh, snap! I could have my guitar amp that used to be a record player drive this bitch. That would be awesome!

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