The time has come to fill out the Satisfactory Academic Progress appeal form, and Qwest’s terms of use now forbid running a server over your DSL, and they are indeed trying to weasel out of allowing 2nd party ISPs to use their lines. I’ve had my IP addresses from longer than I have known most of my current friends. (since 1999!) Everything comes to an end. Everything.

16 Responses to “Also ”

  1. Fuck the system!

  2. Balls.

  3. You are NOT taking my computer as “spoils of war.”

  4. Well, shit, I might as well fire you then. Right? For the sake of consistency?

  5. Is this because of my non stop beat boxing?

  6. No! Actually, we’ll hire you back on full time *just* for beat boxing.

  7. Goddamn it. It’s like I just keep dating the same woman over and over again.

  8. yeah… “mother”

  9. “dad” ?

  10. I’m going to enslave your children. I haven’t enslaved anyone’s kids in months.


  11. Dear Thomas,
    you are my favoritest!
    With love,

  12. djjj djjjj djjjjttt

    djjj djjjj djjjjttt

    djjj djjjj dzzzznnnn

    djjj djjjj djjjjttt




  13. My onomatopoeia ROCKS!

  14. I don’t want to hear about your venereal diseases.

  15. Huh - I’ve been thinking of switching from cable just because Qwest didn’t have that ridiculous restriction. I guess that makes my life a tad easier…

  16. I want to hear about your venereal diseases, Zach. Don’t listen to Jesse, he’s just jealous that you’re so popular.

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