What Did That Sign Say?

You know the street — 19th, or 10th, or whatever the hell eventually becomes Johnson. It goes across a bridge from the West Bank to University — right by the Amoco. There’s a sign that you can see when you go Northbound on that bridge that says something like “treat your suicidal depression or die!!!”


Anyway, I thought that it looked more like it should say:
“If I weren’t so depressed, I’d ask you to take your finger out of my ass.”

At least Cake Woman thought it was funny. That’s why I like her so much, because she pretends to think that I’m funny, even if you don’t.

5 Responses to “What Did That Sign Say? ”

  1. You are hilarious…

  2. you two are so precious!

  3. I think a threw up on my mouth a little bit.

  4. I think you’re funny. But it’s more in the “funny” way.


  5. Thomas,

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