This is the third day that I have woken up wanting to kill everyone. I have been specifically forbidden from pounding the keyboard with my fists at work, so I don’t know how I will deal with my inexhaustible and inexplicable rage.

5 Responses to “Where is my GODDAMN COFFEE? ”

  1. I suggest a girl could help you out with that (wink wink)

  2. So, I should punch a girl?

  3. I listen to evil music and talk about how I’d like to be kicking puppies.

    Mmm… Kicked puppies…

    Another option is to run off into the woods, shedding clothing as you go, and then roar to the heaven’s, proclaiming your majesty for the entire world to be stricken with an especially virulent form of awe.


  4. If I run naked through the woods my balls tend to drag on the ground and catch on stuff. It hurts.

  5. “So, I should punch a girl?”

    Never have I LOL’ed so much.

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