They announced free t-shirts on Radio K, so I ran out of the office and down six flights of stairs to the basement to get one. They only had large shirts, but oh well. Then, I saw King Kwong’s girlfriend whom he had said had called me creepy (deeply wounded I was) and I tried to flippantly mention it, but my three or four hours of sleep betrayed me, and it came out in a confused jumble that ended with me wanting to run run run.

I did not have a camera, so there was no photo of DJ Paul, Dave Hill, Zach, and I all wearing our emo glasses. I kind of wanted to start a band called “the Emo Four” but there was no time and the last thing that the world needs is four more grown men crying to sleepy beats.

4 Responses to “Oops. ”

  1. Seriously, I ran down six flights of stairs.

  2. I am impressed with your mighty athletic skillz.

    Flippant remarks are best delivered through shotguns; shotguns of the mind. Yours was poorly cared for and questionably loaded.


  3. Balls.

  4. Weird… did Thomas predict the Cheney thing a day before it happened?

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