I hope this gets you over your Seasonal Affective Disorder

No, sorry. If it were that easy I would just put the Diabolical Biz Markie on repeat and drag myself out of it. Fuck yeah. However, NYC planning is going well, and as soon as I write one single paragraph for CSci 3081W, I will go to bed with a beautiful woman during the 24 hours of Valentine’s Day, and this time I didn’t have to pay for it and I probably won’t get crabs.

I’ve already got the syphilis. HAPPY VD!

11 Responses to “I hope this gets you over your Seasonal Affective Disorder ”

  1. Oons oons oons oons

    Well, and even if you do, you already have the shampoo.

  2. That’s not something that you get rid of.

  3. Uh, the shampoo.

  4. Right.

  5. Happy VD. That’s the single best double entendre of all time.

  6. That’s what your mom said. Then I gave her AIDS.

    That shut her up good.


  7. I am aware of how bad that was, I’m sorry.


  8. Not HIV, but Full Blown AIDS!

  9. Thomas: That’s what your mom said.

  10. Yup, full blown AIDS. I don’t like to mess around.


  11. My gonorrhea can’t compaire to your AIDs. I always give the lame gifts.

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