Gnocchi? I almost killed ‘em!

When Cake Woman was over on Friday we made gnocchi. They were delicious, but they took forever.

7 Responses to “Gnocchi? I almost killed ‘em! ”

  1. So much for my blog and your blog… nobody is going to read either anymore. Nobody wants to read my political rants, and nobody wants to read about how cute you and your girlfriend are.

  2. Oh, you’re still writing in this thing?

  3. nyoh-kee

  4. guh-no-kuh-chee

  5. Man, this one time I sneezed and my hand looked like that.

  6. your nostrils have a wide berth.

  7. Jesse my man, you sure can pick em –which must be hard for J with that nose ring.

    Where can I find ME a woman with tatoos and a nose ring that will slave all day over a plate of steaming boogers?

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