Signs and Portents

The other day I not only met Cake Woman’s mother, but she gave me a terrific haircut. According to Cake Woman, this usually results in a breakup within a week. About two and a half months ago, Dan told Cake Woman that he gave us three months. If you subscribe to those methods of divination, we should be taking a side trip to splitsville sometime during our New York vacation. Are you as excited as I am?

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  1. Dude, if anything can save a relationship it is the wonder and the glory that is New York. And if not, you can buy a liter of tequila at 3 AM to ease your pain at the local Tom Thumb. There is a lot to love about that city. . .

  2. Hellz yes.

  3. Maybe you should finally get off your ass and build that time machine.

    I always tell myself that at least It’ll never be as bad as being dumped while visting my German girlfriend at the start of said trip.


  4. That didn’t actually happen to me, but it did happen to Mr. Nathan Hall.


  5. hey - i erased your e-amil address by accident a long time ago, but wanted to contact you to tell you that i think your girlfriend is beautiful! i totally disagree…3 months??? nahhhhhh. the things you write about her tell me that you guys have a future. i love her style! kinda reminds me of……..well, me! anyhoo, i hope you shout out to me again at some point. i wanted to tell you some news.

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