O Flower

For some reason I am in charge of watering this flower in Zach’s office. Today I had a brilliant idea:

Jesse: I think that I should do that thing with the flower where I cut it back to make it look like a little tree… uh… what do you call that, bukakke?
Zach: Bonsai. You mean bonsai.
Jesse: No, not the one where all the guys blow their load all over a lady, I mean bukkake.
Zach: Uh…
Jesse: Oh, my bad, you’re right. Bonsai it is.


5 Responses to “O Flower ”

  1. Facial. Abuse.


  3. I declare Jesse number one most awkward fun time winner, hooray!


  4. You are in for QUITE the surprise when you come in today. QUITE.

    The suspense is killing me.

  5. Wow, I’m lost on “stay crunk” but wasn’t expecting to see bukkake here. Glad it hasn’t been introduced into your doodlebop thread. Bad things.

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