Who steals bike pedals?

So you know how I rode my bike to school/work today? Yeah, it was great: the sun, the warmth, the somebody stealing the pedals off of my bicycle during the day…

I’m not so much angry or upset as just really confused.

6 Responses to “Who steals bike pedals? ”

  1. wtf

  2. God hates you.


  3. What?! Wait, so after I said cheerio, right right, cheers ole chap … you walked out to your bike … and your pedals were gone?!

    Damn. How long did you have to sit at Coffman until you got home? That is a shitty deal.

  4. Thomas: that’s cause I keep blowing the devil.

    Zach: Ex-zach-ly. I walked my bike to the bike store and bought new pedals for $10. $10! I mean, it’s not like they stole something expensive — they just pulled out their wrenches and unscrewed the pedals for a basically valueless result.

  5. Well, they did it to screw you over. That’s sort of valuable, if you like making you suffer.

    I predict one day you shall find these new fiends and crush them. It shall be awesome. Please notify me, so I mayest attend.


  6. My pal Billy had his pedals stolen outside of Coffman, too. Odd. I can’t really think of a security system to prevent that.

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