We’re Leaving!

I[’m so excited!

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  1. Funny how easily excitement can turn to crabbiness.

    I hope you get out of the snow encrusted airport before 3:30.


    We went to the beach last march 17th or so, and the weather was so fucking awful. It never stopped freezing rain with high winds the entire time. Our hotel room shook. It was awesome.

    The plus side of it being cold in New York is that there will be ten thousand different awesome buildings to be in and spend your time, and when the sun peaks out, the city will feel all fresh and clean.

  3. You traveled on blizzard day? Crazy.

  4. Wait! Nobody is here to moderate! Awesome!



  5. The only morning memory I have of New York is how odd it is that the dew is yellow, smells like urine and only collects in doorways along the walls about 3 feet up. Maybe you’re thinking of the New York in the movies — thats Toronto usually.

  6. i’m home!!!!11 lolzers… why you be not?

  7. Wow, there was a typo in this post the whole time!

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