O Precious Internets, How I Missed You

I think that five days without the internet is the longest that I have gone without using it since it was invented. HOLY BALLS.

7 Responses to “O Precious Internets, How I Missed You ”

  1. Yay! You’re back! The internets hasn’t been the same without you!


  2. So far I have checked out what homework is due soon and… uh… watched some Law and Order. I’m very tired. Very very tired.

  3. I can imagine. I’ll see you around!

  4. hooray! Internets!

  5. First P– D’oh!

  6. How does one holy their balls?

  7. Al Gore called, he said that would be a long time ago. I think he invented it.

    I wonder if he has email yet?

    Well, as they say, time is relative.

    So, post the trip pics, I want to start a board on how many contain intoxicating beverages of some type.

    Welcome back.

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