Sometimes I Am Not a Terrible Boyfriend

I won tickets to the Arab Strap concert on Friday for Cake Woman from Radio K. I gave her name because I will be babysitting Noah Friday night so that I can meet Cake Woman’s aunt on Saturday. I hope that she like balls.

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  1. Arab Strap AND A Whisper in the Noise, lucky git.

    If somebody picks up their 12′ of AS THE BLUEBIRD SINGS I will pay back in blood and money, possibly both.


  2. I could put the word in. I might switch babysitting days and go to the show.

    Also, I think that you used the wrong units for their album, it’s the Spinal Tap problem all over again — actually in reverse.

  3. Apropos to nothing….but…..Download now!

  4. M I K E !

    I did, in fact, download that just today and Zach and I listened to the whole thing pretty much all at once.

  5. when pair con mistery con: beautiful stake love or not , beautiful boy is always curious cards

    Got you back, you suckah.

  6. I might be able to get in anyway, so we’ll see.

    And, no, I said 12′ and I stand by it. It’s quite the record.


  7. Looks like I get to go after all. I love knowing people!


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