Living In America

Okay, so the idea has been broached that I should move to Anoka with a certain surly lady friend of mine. As you might guess, commuting from the North Pole goes against everything I have stood for since forever and a day. I mean, I commuted to Mendota Heights from Northeast Minneapolis, but, uh, that was when I had a car that I enjoyed driving.

Sleeping in a grown up bed
With a lady
A hot lady
No more embarrassment over living with friends who have a kid
A kitchen that I can use late at night
Coming home to my own place
Playing music in the house
Not having to share my computer with anyone, ever
Watching television in the living room without worrying if an almost-four-year-old sees someone explode in a shower of blood and vicera
Beer everywhere!!!
Walking around in my underpants without feeling guilty
Living in Anoka
Basement apartment
First time living with a person with whom I am in a relationship
No more fireplace or deck
No garden
Having to drive everywhere
Living in Sin
Electric Stove
The Dumping Factor

Cast your vote with your comments. I might add to these lists, too.

20 Responses to “Living In America ”

  1. surly |ˈsərlē| adjective ( -lier , -liest ) bad-tempered and unfriendly : he left with a surly expression.

    I didn’t think that she was really either of those… not like the Duff Beer Bottle on the Simpsons.

    I vote that you make the decision on your own… cause I don’t make decisions… I let that girl do it for me.

  2. WHHH-CHhhhh (sound of whip cracking)

  3. What happens when she dumps your ass?

  4. That’s what I was wondering about.

  5. Dude… don’t ever let a girl take a dump on your …

    Oh… he meant dump as in breaking up with…

    We’re going to have some open rooms this summer…

  6. Are you moving out?

    I don’t want to be a rookie again with a bunch of random dudes.

  7. At least three of the guys will be elsewhere for the summer… one or two moving out for good. I will be getting my own place mid August. Then I’ll be taking dumps wherever I damn well please.

  8. You take fast dumps.

  9. The commute might blow hard.


  10. A basement apartment? I’d have a hard time with no windows. I was just in an ultra cool basement apartment of my friend’s yesterday and it was awesome- but there was no light. You’d have to get a ton of exercise outside to prevent sadness.

    I went from living with my parents, to living with my grandmother, to being nominaly homeless as a teenager- I moved in with Jay’s family, and then we moved out together. I’ve never lived on my own, and it is so strange to think of not living with the person I’m in a relationship with.

    Have you voiced your concerns with her? I mean, the dumping factor seems to be the scariest. You can always sleep on your mom’s livingroom floor.

  11. Who wants a warm Carl?

  12. I do! I do!


  13. Um…

  14. Oh you people are just sick!

  15. You hate basements. It will not work if you don’t like home once you get there. If you have to live in Anoka, at the very least, get an apartment you both like.

    Everything else on the cons list is mild. Try it. You just might like it. And if it doesn’t work out at least you weren’t a pansy ass who was too scared to try.

  16. I agree Re: not being scared of failure. Lisa is wise. Life always goes on.

  17. Wow, this is a tough one… I’m gonna have to say “Don’t do it.” though. Good luck. :)

  18. I’m going to have to say… DOOKIE!

  19. DOOKIE!

    Do it. For real. And toss a couple of extra special verbs in there, too.

  20. Yeah, dont be an orange lemonade, live in sin. It washes off.

    Besides, love is better than no love. I like it in buckets. Getting buckets here anyway.

    And maybe you’ll get bored enough to start blogging again, and maybe I’ll get bored enough to start reading it again.

    It could happen.


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