Skin Tension

I may or may not have gotten the lyrics correct for this song by Man Man, but Man Man is the new office obsession. We have Tiger Beat posters up all over the place. It’s so awesome.

Will we ever find the one that we were meant to meant to love like we wanna be loved
take this flight into the sea
did they die in a dry hump fire years before we were born
and all the hearts devour the dogs like lightning after the storm
and her lips were red like a rose’s summer sweat
when our eyes met I knew I knew I was through
tiptoes on cobblestones and glass stilettos it breaks my knees when she
hides her nosebleeds in my dreams as I sleep
I know I’ll never be the man that she thinks that she really needs
but it don’t stop me from trying to be
oh god damn you me and god damn
let down my guard
and you lifted this heart
so now it can break again
and oh god damn you me and god damn
I let down my guard and there goes my heart
straight out the window again
god damn
god damn
god damn
god damn

3 Responses to “Skin Tension ”

  1. Wait a minnute… Man Man aren’t on Tiger Beat 6…


  2. Meh, I couldn’t find it anywhere.

    Maybe I’m just fat…


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