What Smells Like B.O.?

So I’ve been biking to work/school all week, this time while wearing an extra shirt so that I can change when I get there. Today I rolled into work and sat down, only to get a whiff of something foul. I smelled myself a few times before Zach finally said “I think it’s onions being cooked in the Campus Club.” So now I know three things that all smell the same:

  1. BO
  2. Badly cooked onions
  3. Ditch weed

How long after moving in with my dad and his wife back in the nineties did it take me to learn what pot smells like?

7 Responses to “What Smells Like B.O.? ”

  1. I’ve never known weed to smell like onions. At least, not good weed?

    Not that I do drugs.

    Don’t do drugs.

  2. Badly cooked onions!

  3. With fire and such.


  4. I think you mean the indian smudge pods I burned around the house to cleanse the space. I haven’t smoked pot since ‘83′, then seldom around you.

  5. Denise totally smoked marijuana.

  6. Oh, Glorious Mullet head, how you do go on in such magnificent innocence.

  7. Wait, my dad admitted that he used to smoke pot around me. jerk.

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