His cane says “Bad MF” on it.

座頭市 Zatôichi (2003)

There's a new Zatoichi movie out. I am excited. I don't know how I caught the original the first time, but there it was in black-and-white glory - a blind samurai reluctantly but thoroughly kicking ASS. I TiVOed and watched the next few Zatoichi movies, but somehow they stopped getting shown. The new trailer looks way awesome, though.

If you happen to catch one of the Zatoichi movies, watch for the sword to magically out of his cane and slice something in two in midair. It never gets old, as far as I am concerned.

The official site:

The (awesome) trailer:

Get yer Zatoichi background (and cool stuff) here:

Zatoichi movie reviews: http://members.aol.com/ZATO1CH1/

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  1. never heard of the blindswordman before i saw it on ifc in june of 2002…i am a fan too…and just found out about the new zatoichi movie…looks like it will be out in march of 2004…love the concept of the blindswordman…

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