Army Of One

I was walking past the Army recruiting table on my way to work today, and I thought to myself that fighting an army of one would be a great euphemism for masturbation. I will be sure to mention this to the recruiters the next time that I walk by — although that might reduce the likelihood that I will be able to sign up later. I guess that I will have to go Marines.

4 Responses to “Army Of One ”

  1. but jesse, “Sex can wait; masturbate!”

  2. I’m a technical virgin.

  3. OMFG…

    “But there is a way for youths to enjoy rich and satisfying sexual intimacy without risking unwanted pregnancy — ANAL SEX! So, teens, the next time you strip down for sex, remember the TechnicalVirgin motto — “Everything Butt!”

  4. the sound of one gun shooting?

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