Moving To Anoka?

Yes, it’s pretty certain that I will be moving to Anoka as soon as I get transportation ironed out again. I know that I have made my views on the suburbs plain, but Cake Woman works in Anoka and already lives two blocks from work. She would like to continue walking to work.

Do not bring:

  • posters of chiles
  • books
  • drumset
  • bed
  • the Keathlys


  • 3 bookshelves
  • desk
  • massage chair
  • records, cds
  • computers
  • clothes

As yet undetermined:

  • blue chair (which is actually Lisa’s)
  • coffee table (I thought that mine was the one that got thrown away)
  • electric guitar
  • acoustic guitar
  • evil bass guitar
  • practice guitar amp
  • guitar amp that used to be a record player
  • assorted cables and power adapters necessary to connect as yet unknown items to other items or the wall
  • various toys that I don’t have a place for and will probably just get thrown away.
  • monkeys, pirates, ninjas, and robots

3 Responses to “Moving To Anoka? ”

  1. The donation bin is open in the basement of my house.

  2. Don’t throw toys away! Send them to the island of misfit toys, to live in peace.

  3. I’m moving to Anoka and I’m bringing a…….. crocodile.

    What are you bringing?

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