I Hope That You Like Peeps


There was Easter, and stuff happened. You know what happens to Peeps when you put them into the microwave.

Cake WomanCake Woman

This girl makes me very happy. I could look at pictures of her all day.

Kids need grandmothers. My mom is Noah’s backup grandma.

Lisa is Noah’s mom and my backup mom. What? You’d have one if you could. If Noah were on myspace he would totally use this picture.

This is me and my real mom. She’s a stitch. Cake Woman made me cover up my gut before she took the picture. Later she made me eat three peeps at the same time. I finally got my red wings! Thanks, dear.

One Response to “I Hope That You Like Peeps ”

  1. In order:

    peeps are gross
    Lisa’s hair looks SUPER awesome
    Noah is a lady killer
    you and yer mam are sooo cute
    and quit eating bloody pussy, man, ew.

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