I heard a rumor today that Radio K is going to ruin change their logo. Nonetheless, I still found it in my heart to buy a couple of watts (because I try not to be a complete leech all the time). At first I was planning on calling from the All Request Hour headquarters in the Whole down in the basement of Coffman because Zach and I have made a habit of going down and harrassing the staff. However, they were jerks who wouldn’t play my requests out of time, so whatever.

So then, in the afternoon Pushkar had some knob from the city of Minneapolis (the mayor?) in the studio, and Mayor RT McCheese demanded that my car get towed and that the K play The Wallets. I was aghast, because I haven’t heard the Wallets in years. Probably for good reason, since the keys sound so dated that he might as well be singing “1988! 1988! 1988! 1988!” instead of “totally nude!” I’m guessing that even if I record the vinyl that I have into my computer at home, listening to the Wallets will be a secret, private affair to which I don’t admit.

If you go to the Twintone Site you can watch the video from “Body Talk.” I am quite sure that my erstwhile father actually worked on that video when he was a shiftless layabout grip. He has one of the spinning hammers from about two thirds of the way in. It doesn’t spin any more, because it is made out of foam core and doesn’t have a spinny-type device, like a motor or a child with nimble fingers. The video (at least as much as I watched while coding) is kind of trippy. Good luck.

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