The New Place

Two weeks ago I moved Cake Woman into our new apartment. Lisa and my mom helped clean and pack, and eventually Cake Woman helped me load a few boxes. I think that I moved four loads with the pickup and the wagon by myself, but every time I tell the story I add another load to the list. I’m up to about 600 loads now.

Cake Woman with baking materials.
After last week’s back-breaking pile of homework I borrowed my mom’s car to visit Cake Woman in our new apartment. Cake Woman had cleaned and made me an awesome scrapbook of our trip to New York. It has a whole page devoted to the magic and mystery known as Realdolls. There’s lots of swearing. It’s sweet.

I love lamp
Everything in our apartment is painted white. Cake Woman is in charge of making the living room look like PeeWee’s playhouse. I am in charge of… uh… lifting and assembling her purchases.

There's Hello Kitty Everywhere
Cake Woman has an affection for Hello Kitty, so I hope that I like standing on the Hello Kitty bath mat while toweling off with a Hello Kitty towel after washing my new Hello Kitty tattoo with Hello Kitty soap in the shower behind the Hello Kitty curtain. I think that this is my punishment for not standing up for Lisa when she bought Noah a pink Hello Kitty nightgown with puffy sleeves. I already like the Hello Kitty underpants, though.

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