I Don’t Feel Sorry For Car Salesmen

I almost typed salesemen. It’s a subtle difference. So I went to look at Dodge Neons at the Denny Hecker’s Dodge. Well, Neons or Hyundais or anything that would be a decent deal, but I had a pretty good idea what I wanted. Well. You know. If I’m not getting a Lotus Elise, what I would want. At first I was pretty happy with the sales guy because he was willing to walk me through the lot and show me cars, but unfortunately the cars were shitty. We finally got back to the front door, and I said that I was sorry that they didn’t have anything that I was interested in, so he said that he could look up anything in the Denny Hecker system. Anyways he came back and said that they could fix up the Neon on the lot to my requirements. It took forever for me to get a real number from the guy, price-wise, and when I did, it was at least 1500 over book. Amazing. I’m thinking of going back and making an offer three grand under book. When the salesman acts all hurt and says that he has to eat and feed his family, I would just reply with the deepest chagrin:
I’m a poor car salesman, and I can’t afford…” — except in the voice.

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  1. So, did you buy it? I’m putting my Neon on the market next week, if you are interested. I’ll probably be asking around $3500.

  2. Year and mileage?

  3. 2000, I’m not exactly sure about the milage, but it is around 67,000, I can check when I get home. 5 speed, 4 disc CD changer AND a tape player.

  4. No, I sure didn’t. Did you smoke in your Neon? I have to get back to you about the wedding stuff, too.

  5. I did smoke in the Neon. And it kinda smells like it, honestly.

    Think about it. I need it this weekend, so you have lots of time. Maybe I’ll see what I can do about the smoke.

    I won’t feel bad if you turn me down. Buying stuff from people you know doesn’t always sit well with people.

  6. Since you are family of Micah, i will tell you now, don’t every buy a neon. They fall apart. spending slightly more on a Toyota or a Honda will be a better investment in the long run. Really, really. (To the Neon owner: sorry not trying to flamen your car, but its what i have seen first hand.)

    Sadly, you get what you pay for. =)

  7. Wait, uh, did you own a Neon or have you just heard about them? After 2000 they changed the build quality. I’m just not sure how much.

  8. Honestly, since I’m not holding my breath on Jesse buying my car, I would never buy a Neon again either. It has nothing to do with them falling apart though. They just don’t have a great crash test rating, but neither do most small cars. And they are totally nerdy.

    With that said, my car has never had a problem, aside from an accident. Not one. It had a large accident within the first month of me buying it and the whole engine was rebuilt with new parts. Aside from that and a second problem with water getting in through the floor (due to the accident) it has never been in the shop. It is an awesome cheap car. It gets great gas mileage. It is not falling apart and I believe it will not fall apart.

  9. A Neon is a POS.
    I will give you $100 right now.
    A Neon is of such quality, that if you fart in it, your A/C goes bad.
    Have you farted in your Neon?
    Thank u!

  10. R Lopez (Robot Lopez? Have you been reading Azimov?), I will take your $100, thank you. What a great guy, offering me $100 just for being me!

    As to whether or not you buy Kassie’s Neon, you’ll have to bargain with her.

    I’m sure that she hasn’t farted in her Neon, since girls don’t fart.

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