Dig My Own Grave

Saturday I went to help my mother with the pond in her backyard. Basically, she wanted me to dig up a willow tree and then extend her pond by removing many wagons full of black dirt. Don’t ask me where I put it.

When I see flowers I think of Cake Woman, so I chose the ones that I wanted to give her. My mom cut and arranged them. If you are curious, there are peonies, roses, some purplish-blue flowers, and some white flowers in there. I don’t know if Cake Woman really liked them — her comment was that next time I should just take pictures and show them to her.

Fuck that. I’m the kind of guy who picks flowers, and fuck her if she doesn’t want them. I’ll just give them to the crazy old neighbor lady who we call Cranky McAbsorbant Pants. The peonies smell like old lady anyway.

3 Responses to “Dig My Own Grave ”

  1. Flowerlicious!

  2. Well, I thought the flowers were lovely. The photo actually makes them look even better than in real life.

  3. Oh, and the blue flowers are Wild Geranium and the tiny little whitish star-like flowers are Amsonia.

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