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It took me a long time to pick my Surly out last summer. Since then I have lost a few pounds and spend a bit of money on things like bike clothes. I can’t say that I really love biking. Honestly, it’s more fun to drive. However, I cannot argue with the fact that biking is the fastest way for me to get to work aside from being dropped off in front by someone else in a car. It also saves me $3.25 a day in parking and about $50 a month in gas. Yes, it is more expensive to park than to buy gas. Oh well.


I’m thinking about adjusting the handlebars on my bike. I think I’m just a bit too fat to get down into the drops — I mean, my torso is freakishly long. My Surly is a wee 49cm model, but my torso belongs to a much larger man, and not just in the gut region. I’ve been working on the seat position and I think that my ass is finally happy, but now my hands are falling asleep and I’m just not comfortable hunched over.

Here’s the winter configuration for comparison:

The skinny summer tires did make a difference. The bike is faster. Never mind.

5 Responses to “OMGZ Bikes ”

  1. Bikealicious!

  2. I’m still waiting for you to get a mirror on your helmet and one of those uber-sexy wrestler-singlet-like bike uniform (like cutoff overalls, only skin tight) SEXY

  3. I have started riding naked.

  4. Hey holmes. I gotta get me one of those things. I would probably put a straight handlebar on it, because yeah i hate that hunched over feeling too. I’ve tried putting slicks on my mountain bike, but it’s a pain in the ass to constantly be changing the tires, and I want something fast and cheap. Perhaps even single speed.

  5. Jesse, I’ve told you over and over and over that you are not allowed to ride naked. I bought you that cute hotpink spandex riding outfit. Why don’t you ever wear it?

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