Zach missed an angry phone call or two to Qwest today over the shadiness of my DSL. The first guy said that he was going to have something fixed and put me on hold. Then I got cut off. I called back and the second guy said that everything looked fine to him. I came home and the internet was still all screwed up. To make matters worse I couldn’t even connect from my desktop to the server in the same room. Frustration ensued as I fruitlessly delved into system logs on my linux box. It was getting bad packets some how. I put in the ethernet card from my other server, and the bad packet messages stopped, but the connection was still hosed up.

Then I remembered that I had plugged the wrong power supply into the switch. I took a chance on a new switch from Best Buy, and it was like dynamiting a dam. Holy crap the entire internet poured into the apartment in seconds. Amazing.

That’s all.

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