I Think You Mean Woodland Creatures

I had a dream this morning where a midget had some sort of attack, and the 911 dispatcher transferred me to a doctor who said that the term for a little person is a “woodland creature.” I was really confused in the dream, because I didn’t see how that was going to get paramedics to the scene any sooner.

Then I got up and made myself a huge breakfast with beef, beans, rice, baby spinach, eggs, cheese, and a tortilla. It almost made up for the sleep that I had missed.

Tomorrow I make a whole new Internets for the Whole Music Club. Hooray.

3 Responses to “I Think You Mean Woodland Creatures ”

  1. Don’t touch my stuff dude.

  2. Seriously… if you touch my stuff, I’ll cut off your “balls of unusual size”.


    Your design will stay.

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