Happy 4th of July and Shit

I had the day off from work and class, so I slept late. I hung out near Cake Woman a bit. Then I went to the Keathly’s for the final push. Lisa and Stan had hurriedly dumped my stuff into boxes, so for the most part I just picked up what they had packed and brought it to Anoka.

Before I left, Noah showed me his bunk bed. It’s complete now that he’s four and I’m not using the bottom part as my bed. So, my room is empty and my bed has been assimilated into Noah’s world. Now he can touch the ceiling while he sleeps, which seems to me to be the ultimate in little-boy accomodations.

As I expected, Cake Woman was furious when she came home. There was all of my stuff filling the spare bedroom that was not to be the computer room no matter how many times she refers to it as the computer room. I had a few more boxes and my giant old speakers in the living room. In hindsight, I should have just left the speakers for the garage sale, but until I get a new desk, they hold the monitor shelf at the best height for viewing. I don’t know, I was just in moving mode — just throwing things in the truck and going. That’s how you get moved. You just do it, and never mind the sorting.

I had made a list before of all of the stuff that I thought that I would be allowed to bring, so let me give an update of at least the furniture:
Desk Chair
Shelves with the rounded front
Little Shelves
Easy Chair
End Table That I Don’t Like But Is Easier To Reach Than The Coffee Table
Other End Table That I Also Don’t Like And Will Probably Get Rid OF
Shelves for the Servers

I will be holding a garage sale at the Keathly’s house. Expect lots of computer junk (cases, monitors, cards, cables, old RAM), maybe some toys, and ome other stuff that didn’t sell at the previous garage sale. I will be sorting my extensive collection of weird computer and AV cables. Serial to 1/8″ mini jack? I’ve got it. Do I sell it? Hmm.

I have a guitar amp that I made out of a tube-powered record player. It sounded sweet for practicing 12 years ago. Cake Woman says that it goes. The talking Yoda (with construction paper sunglasses!) is going, as well as the associated light saber (with woo woo noises!). Stuffed Jawa? Going. GI Joes? Going (except for Clutch, because he calls women “broads”). Robotech Destroids? Going.

The Keathly’s garbage can is over full.

13 Responses to “Happy 4th of July and Shit ”

  1. how can one be a nerd or geek with out his large box o’ random cables that have no purpose???

  2. Easy… throw out your PCs and buy Apple.

  3. I have a large box of random cables and I still have my Mac… my PC borked out on me… stupid piece of shit.

  4. Because with the Apple you don’t need cables, or because the Apple doesn’t work, so you don’t need cables?

  5. BTW, Paul, you have first dibs on the LEGOs. Sorted by color. Space LEGOs.

  6. It’s ZACH the Lego Maniac, not Paul the Lego Maniac. This is a fact.


  8. Fight for LEGOs.

  9. I think a LEGO-OFF is the only solution… who can build the best [insert thing here] in just [insert short amount of time here].

  10. I’m craving Arby’s for no reason….

    Oh god…

    What if I’m pregnant?!

  11. Zach is moving in to my blog.

  12. I already steal your google traffic when I steal your blog topics and/or keywords. I might as well just attach the hooked mouth of a parasitic blog in your comments.

  13. I’ve got Zachs. I have to be deZached.

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