Sunday Bloody Sunday

Today I borrowed my mom’s husband’s truck, bought a couch, delivered it, unwrapped it, returned the truck, helped my mom’s husband clean the basement for his upcoming asbestos abatement, came home, and took all of the packaging from the couch and all of the empty boxes from Cake Woman’s and my moves outside.

John gave me an old computer of his that he had in the basement that is faster than any of the computers in the house. That means that I get to upgrade and hand-me-down some machines from usage to usage. If Cake Woman is tired of her iMac (already) and is nice to me, I might go get a spare monitor from Minneapolis (where spare monitors live) and put my old box on her desk.

Shoot, I think that I’m short a hard drive. Too bad.

3 Responses to “Sunday Bloody Sunday ”

  1. I wanted to make a joke about you putting your old box on her something, but I couldn’t come up with anything funny.

  2. Where do hipsters and/or yuppies get flowers in the twin cities?

  3. From my mother’s garden.

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