Double Magic

Last night’s Chipotle and a strong cup of coffee both cast spells on me this morning. I crapped so much that I saw my soul.

7 Responses to “Double Magic ”

  1. ha hah ahah… so your soul came out your butt? i always figured the sould would come running out the pooper instead of any other orifice on the body.

  2. I think the methane trip made you see your spirit animal… that would be more likely. I don’t know about this soul business.

  3. Was it in the shape of chocolate soft-serve?

  4. isn’t your spirit animal a dinosaur? a paulasaurus rex?

  5. Yes, my spirit animal is the Paulasaurus Rex, but it sounds like Johnny Cash.

    When I’ve eaten enough spicy food, my spirit animal sings to me about the “ring of fire.”

    Actually, my body metabolizes capsaicin now. I don’t get the ring of fire anymore.

  6. Our toilet — and don’t pretend that you are in there drawing pictures or something. I know what you do in there, and it’s the same thing that I do.

  7. I fell in to a burning ring of fire…

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