Lube, Oil, Filter

I took the afternoon off to pick up the plates for my car at the dealership and have them change the oil. In the future I will be scheduling such excursions outside of working hours, but I figured that 13 days was plenty of days to drive with an expired 21 day pass. If you’re thinking that I have become a heathen who revels in frivolous oil consumption, (perhaps because of some grumpy tirades I may have posted in response to the bicycle community’s fetishistic affair with their own two wheels) you might be right. I am gleeful in having a stereo to pass the time of my commute.

But if I didn’t live so many miles from campus I wouldn’t have to commute. Right. Well, I finally found something that helps me sleep at night and wake up in the morning. Some of you (who might covet my alarm clock for deaf people with a vibrating attachment that goes under your pillow, ‘cause holy crap that worked well — for a while) probably understand what a bonus it is to be able to finish off that homework in the morning or attend morning office hours. Whatever the cost. Whatever the fucking cost. I have been known to snooze for an hour, but the most I have snoozed since moving in with Cake Woman is twenty minutes, and that only happened once. Admittedly there were a couple of mornings where I made a rational decision that semi tractor trailers jake breaking outside the window all night was reason enough for me to set the alarm back for a half an hour, but I still got up when I wanted to, not twenty minutes late and staggering around running into things like a zombie.

When I say “like a zombie” I mean it, because sometimes when I am tired I get confused and think that the coffee is inside of people’s skulls. That always ends badly.

Very badly.

coffee zombie

2 Responses to “Lube, Oil, Filter ”

  1. wahahahahahahah.

  2. words words words… i too druknk for words..

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