800 mg of ibuprofen sounds like a lot of painkiller. Multiply it by three and you have the amount of knee-deadening I have been doing each day this week.

Yesterday I figured out that my knee still hurts, I just can’t feel it. Thusly, when I finished walking to the parking lot yesterday I was shaky and felt like throwing up. Today I stopped at Lowe’s after work when all of a sudden the serum level of ibuprofen in my system dropped below some arbitrary threshhold and I literally had to sit down in the aisle. Admittedly it was so I could look at the things on the bottom shelf, but I was very close to lying down and getting a worm’s eye view. When I got home I dropped the horsepill on the floor and practically dived for it. I think that I caught it on the bounce, but my memory is hazy. All I know is that my vision narrowed to the falling white object and everything went slow motion.

I’m going to go play some Gran Turismo 2. Yes, I want a Playstation 2 so I can play Gran Turismo 4, but in the meantime, I will play the hell out of this one. There may also be ice on my knee, or a blue “ice pack” or maybe I will just start sawing at my leg with the bread knife.

18,000 Lira by Art Brut

18,000 Lira, 18,000 Lira, 18,000 Lira, 18,000 Lira
Yeah, we’ve got guns, but they’re antiques
They’re rusted and they’re broken
The Red brigade made us give our bomb back
But we’re going to do this bank job and we’re going to do our very best
18,000 Lira, 18,000 Lira, 18,000 Lira, 18,000 Lira
Enrique’s got a head cold again, it’s not his fault
He’s a brave and valiant leader
He couldn’t even get bus passes this time
Just scooters, very fast scooters
18,000 Lira, 18,000 Lira, 18,000 Lira, 18,000 Lira
Sounds like a lot of money

5 Responses to “800mg ”

  1. Jesus, what the hell is wrong with your leg?

    Maybe your leg is pregnant.

  2. I already have three legs, I don’t need no fourth leg.

  3. $9

  4. two point five thousand megabytes
    seems like a lot of memory

  5. 2.5G

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