I’m Looking Forward To Black Tarry Stools

Dear Ibuprofen,
I know what you’re up to. It is not appropriate for you to instigate allergic reactions and eat away at the lining of my stomach and intestines. I don’t mind the nausea, but the rest has to stop. Except for making my knee not hurt. That is quite all right, and I would like you to continue your fine work in that area.

Thank you.

4 Responses to “I’m Looking Forward To Black Tarry Stools ”

  1. mmmmm POOP!

  2. Vicodin. That’s all I have to say. Vicodin.

  3. Try Aleive?

  4. Dear number 7 tooth. I forgive you for giving me some problems and I also forgive Dr. Nash for putting a filling in my tooth that went bad. I do apprecitate you working to chew my food and give me lots of pleasure over the years but I am not satisfied with how you are taking the blame for the seperation from God. I know that holy spirit will heal me and my attention on healing will always manifest into form on some level.

    I thank you for cooperating and not giving me pain any more. In fact I feel better right now just writing this.

    I am terribly sorry though that I had you drilled 3 different times. I do love you and dont want you to leave.

    Take care and feel great.


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