What Do Pirates Call Taking A Dump?

Me: I think that it is time for the campus club [ed: the bar one floor down from Zach’s office]
Zach: are we going?
Me: I’ll go if you go
Zach: ok I might dock a boat then
Zach: before
Me: you mean scuttle a ship in the pearly white ocean?
Zach: drop the coast guard rescue diver into the white seas
Me: Eew. That implies that you will be reeling the diver back into the rescue helicopter.
Zach: with guest.

5 Responses to “What Do Pirates Call Taking A Dump? ”

  1. We lost a man at sea.

  2. not funny either

  3. Huh? What? Was that a TV show?

  4. You nasty.

  5. Girl, you know it’s true.

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