Fuck You Guys, Anyway

God, how many times did I post drunk last year?

Zach will know why if I’m “late” tomorrow. I mean, shit. Fuck. Goddamn. There was some fighting and not enough making up, but plenty of alcoholic lubricant. I should have a garage sale this weekend, but I really just want to curl up with Gran Turismo 2 and race my way to 99% done, since they left bugs in the game that prevent you from getting to 100%. Also, I want a cigar, a big fat one that I can ash for hours while thick smoke circles my head and everything. Awesome.

2 Responses to “Fuck You Guys, Anyway ”

  1. aw i misses my drunken jesse.

  2. I miss drunken Zach.

    You make me want a cigar. Jerk.

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