Getting Closer


I’ve been trying to find the right way to juxtapose a lady with a computer (and, for that matter, booze, a cigarette, a bible, a flag, an eagle, a dragon, and some Care Bears) for a tattoo. I have been scouring the internet for such images. Maybe the problem was that I was looking for pictures of computers when what I really wanted was a typewriter.

3 Responses to “Getting Closer ”

  1. You already have an idea and a style you like. Bring the idea to a tattoo artist to pull it together for you. That’s their job, dude.

  2. I think this position would be killer. Imagine that she’s sitting in front of the computer with her arms up on the monitor.

  3. Oops, it didn’t bring up the right picture.

    Look at the fifth one down in the far left column. It’s the sexy pinup in red with a panther tattoo on her back.

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