Gran Turismo Crack

So Cake Woman bought me a PS2 for my birthday, and the Keathlys bought me Gran Turismo 4 to go with it. It took me a few days to get in to it, but last night when I saw that the next to the last stage of the International A License was the famed Nordschleife of the Nürburgring. I went to bed last night all atwitter after running through 3 minutes of the track. I understand that the average reader of my blog doesn’t care about the crisp graphics, the exacting physics, the graffiti on the 170 turns in the racetrack, but holy crap I did.

Cake Woman asked me what was up with me — I was being overly affectionate and bouncing around the apartment even before I had my coffee. I guess that I was just about to enjoy my birthday presents to their fullest — I knew that after she left for work I would be hitting the couch and making that perfect nine and one half minute run of the ring. It only took me ten tries — with breaks to do the dishes and make some marinade for chicken.

Yes. I am a dork. I don’t care. I promise that I will post tips on bicycle commuting next.

Hmm. I don’t suppose that’s any better.

Hey! Videos!
Some BMW
Porsche vs. Motorcycle. Wow. Motorcyclists are insane. This video made me feel a little ill, and my hands got all sweaty.
So this guy is all “hey, I’m gonna put a motorcycle engine into a Mini. When he’s really caning it, it sounds like the car is going to explode.

6 Responses to “Gran Turismo Crack ”

  1. I love race games. Besides LoZ, they’re the only things that hold my attention long enough to kick ass.

    My favorite is Burnout, though. You’re *supposed* to smash into the other cars! Hooray!

    It’s awful after I’ve spent two days playing burnout, and then I get into my own car and I have a hard time not putting the pedal all the way down and just… hoping things turn out okay.

  2. I would love race games if I could just learn to fucking control the car so it doesn’t fly off the road. I always over correct.

    Maybe I need a Jesse lesson.

  3. I have two clocks in my apartment, and one is set to Tokyo time so I know when to go drift racing.

  4. Yeah, but can you do it in less than 10 minutes in a diesel S-type jag? Sabine can…


  6. NOS!

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