C is for Cookie

That’s good enough for me

Me fail linear algebra? That’s unpossible!

Cookie cookie cookie starts with “C”

C’s get degrees!

I get to apply for my major!


7 Responses to “C is for Cookie ”

  1. Fuck yeah dude. Fuck yeah.

  2. Jesse hugged me. He jumped up and down and hugged me. It hurt a little.

  3. ^^ aw, that’s cute.

  4. Once again, let me say it: I’m immensely proud of my Good Son. Way to go, JP! You’re awesome.

  5. That rocks hard.

  6. “Computer Science Major” also starts with “C”. How appropriate! Me thinking you planned that.

    And I disagree with you. I think you did deserve the C. Anyone who has to suffer through that course twice deserves a C at the very least.

  7. c’est c bon

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