Double Zero

I bet it all on red and lost.

10 Responses to “Double Zero ”

  1. always

  2. Hindight is 20 20.

  3. LOST

  4. You didn’t bet the Keathlys. You still have us.

    Next time don’t bet on a crazy lady. Although you can stick with redheads. If you like.

  5. I’d say you didn’t have to come in today, but I need you to go over my NE drink like a pirate day pub crawl route. Pam’s gonna be in town for it *AND* she’s bringing friends (bring more friends now Pam). I’m just saying…

    Can I call her names now or would that make things weird between us?

  6. I has un futon. Jesse always has me. Jesse also has booze. And Zombies!

    Jesse + Zombies + Booze = wicked drunk Jesse, dressed like a zombie.

  7. Wicked drunk Jesse, dressed like a zombie also has something wonderful, something magical, something priceless: a sober zombie driver by the name of Stan. We will get him horribly drunk and carry him home to the bottom bunk of Noah’s bed to pass out. Saturday will be the awesome.

  8. I would do anything for brains.
    and I would do anything for brains
    sniff sniff

  9. hmmmm I might not be making it for Pirate Day (omg you hate me now don’t you)

  10. I don’t care if I’m sitting at Psycho Suzi’s [Tiki] Motor Lounge BY MY-FUCKING-SELF in full pirate regalia, but I’m getting lit-the-fuck-up on Saturday the 16th.

    How could you do this to Jesse?

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