Dia De Los Muertos


Tonight’s increasingly inaccurately named “class” in Mexican Folklore was held at El Colegio, a charter school for the arts and stuff, where they were holding festivities in honor of the Day of the Dead. Sadly, there were no zombies or baseball bats, but there were some great dancers, great food, and an eight piece mariachi band with an amazing female vocalist. Listening to things sung in languages which I don’t understand is like some sort of abstraction of music. I did recognize one particular spanish word which was sung more than any other.

“Corazon! Corazoooooooooooooon!”

That means heart. I’m tempted to get out the google translator and start writing my own song en EspaƱol where the word “Calavera” is used as much as “Corazon.” Calavera means skull.

Which reminds me — maybe I should get Loteria pictures for my first tattoo.

La MuerteEl CorazonLa Calavera

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