Hold Your Horses

I hung out with Sarah this afternoon. We watched Nacho Libre, cooked and ate a delicious dinner, and then watched Syriana. Interspersed in there was a review of her photography and a shameful review of my own. Rumor has it that we could do art-type-things Friday and Saturday, which means that I wouldn’t necessarily have to wander through a crowd of strangers to look at art-type-stuff. Glorious.

So, uh, everyone behave yourself and keep your hooting and hollering to a dull roar. Now if you don’t mind, I have do some reading.

Also, maybe obsessively go through my photos looking for things that say “look, I’m not a terrible, terrible hack.”

No! I will stay on task!

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  1. http://www.monogon.org/blog/index.php/2006/06/17/nacho_libre_soundtrack_info#c501
    This has more info on the Nacho Libre soundtrack, since we were curious about it. A link in the top paragraph takes you to a full list of all songs used. No Devotchka but lots of Beck, surprisingly.

  2. I moved Sarah’s comment from the other post to this one since I hadn’t posted this yet by the time she commented.

  3. Who?

  4. i think zach just spoke for us all.

  5. The TA from my photo class!

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