What? Where Am I?

I know where I haven’t been — the internet. This week revealed itself to be mostly a pile of midterm sized paperwork. Plus, Sarah has been absorbing a good deal of my attention, which pays dividends in her general awesomeness and the amount of her attention that I get to absorb in return.

Friday I went to the open studios thing at school, where all of the art grads had their doors open for random folks to stroll in and look at their work. It was superhero themed, so every artist had a superhero trading card loosely based on their actual superpowers. I collected like 33 and actually talked to about a dozen or so artists. My shyness kept me a little quiet for the rest. Oh yeah, there was a surf band dressed up as supervillians (well, I don’t know what the guitarist was dressed as, except that he had an antenna coming out of his helmet. Amazing). Afterwards Sarah brought a handful of friends to her house to have Rommegrot, a spectacularly Norwegian dessert made with flour, butter, and cream. It is white, it is heavy, and you put sugar and cinnamon on it before slipping into a food coma. As Sarah’s friend Chandler’s boyfriend Don noted: “It’s like a bechamel with sugar.” That friend later told of the Thanksgiving dinner that he was putting on for friends with things like oysters, lobster, and goose. I asked if I could show up after all of the fatal dishes to eat the goose and four kinds of pie. When it comes to my own Thanksgiving I demand rigorous observance of traditions (to offset the complete lack of any sort of order in my actual family), but if I were, for instance, just visiting someone else’s Thanksgiving — well, put some goddamn goose in my mouth. DO IT.

Saturday, Sarah and I went to the Minnesota Center for Book Arts. They were having a sale there, so we wandered around and tried to resist buying all of the cool stuff there. Sarah’s friend Chandler had a couple of handmade books for sale and was in the process of illuminating a print that I almost bought on the spot for my mom for Christmas. Sorry, mom, I couldn’t afford that piece. Maybe my mom should buy it for me. Naw, it was beautiful and hilarious, but it’s something that I’d rather inherit with the house. Not that I am planning my mother’s imminent death through nefarious means of any sort. Not at all.

Note to self: cancel the chipper/shredder.

I came home and actually cleaned a little around the house before Sarah came to get caught up on Law and Order. I also got to show off a tiny bit more photography and I think that she even borrowed my Big Book of Starboy Action — that comic that I put out to zero fanfare in 1997.

“Very rough, loves trades,” said Factsheet Five in its one line review.

If I were funnier, I’d make a joke relating that to dating or sex.

Anyway, that was Friday and Saturday. Thursday I basically spent the entire day in the darkroom. I think that I have a couple of things that I can scan, but they aren’t the shots that I really loved — just the ones that were tougher to print so I ended up with extra copies close enough for me to scan and fix up in photoshop.

Speaking of photoshop — I’d kind of like to make a filter or an image editing program that reproduces the tools in the camera — like brightening or darkening an exposure by a stop, applying contrast filters, white balancing, etc. Then again, I could probably do all of that using tools like Imagemagick or netpbm.

Anyway, now I’m just rambling. I have to go help my mom clean house for Thanksgiving, and then write a paper for physics. Oh. That isn’t due until Wednesday. My mom just cancelled for me coming over to do slave labor (possibly because I was taking me sweet sweet time to “get ready,” mostly because I slept until like two thirty and then didn’t have any coffee. Then I wanted to post quickly to my interblog.

So. Uh. Yeah. I’m really hungry. I’ll post at you later.

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  1. Hey, it’s really important to clean the house. I don’t want the guests to be put off by the mouse turds in the cupboards, nor the roach poop under the sink, nor the bedbugs embedded in all the furniture. I thought it would be best to hide that stuff from company, you know what I mean? Oh, and I need to have you walk the potbellied pig. He’s getting really tired of his wading pool in the living room.

  2. I love the fact that you had energy to clean. That is nothing short of amazing. Do not underestimate this breach of lethargy!

    Now that I think about it, I believe I have had Rommegrot. I think that my aunt topped it with a raspberry sauce though.

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