Coming Soon

If, by “soon,” I mean, uh, sometime in the future.

Starboy, Motherfuckers
Jesse Mullan’s Starboy Action Comix Presents:
In: “Any Crash You Can Walk Away From.”

Hellz yes.

Plus I have like 5000 robots to draw, but that’s another story altogether.

6 Responses to “Coming Soon ”

  1. What? There’s another one coming? Sweetness. I read through the copy you gave me of the other one yesterday. Good stuff!

  2. It has been lonely without Starboy around to read.

    You should really post the first issue on line so the curious can check it out.

  3. It IS online. I should figure out how to make it readable online, though.

  4. Instead of just printable.

  5. True dat.

  6. Double true.

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