Jesse Smash!

Jesse Smash!

jesse smash alarm clock

Thanks to Paul for compiling the photos that I took into pure awesome.

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What A Short Strange Trip It Has Been

I made a new friend who reminded me of a lot of things that used to be important to me. It has been quite unsettling.

If you’re curious about school, there were three grades given to me this semester:

  • CSci 1902 - Programming II / Java : A
  • CSci 2011 - Discrete Math: B+
  • Math 1272 - Calculus II: B-

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At least I got my exercise

Google Maps - from: W 26th St & Nicollet Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55404 to: franklin avenue and knox street minneapolis

I walked past Nicollet, Lyndale and Hennipen before I realised where I was. Okay, I never quite knew where I was. According to google maps, I was about 1.7 miles wrong. It wasn’t until I saw the lake that I knew for sure that I wasn’t going to meet Stan where I told him.

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Boozing it up

I’ve been looking forward to this for like two weeks: unrestricted booze consumption. Tonight is the night!

It will probably be a symphony in two parts. First I will be warming up with one friend at the Loring Pasta Bar (where I am now), and then I will meet another friend for the finale. We agreed on “mellow” so I guess the timpani will be restricted to distant thunder. I’m hoping for a minimum of bassoons in minor keys and a maximum of pizzicato strings.

Also, I don’t know if you (the loyal readers of my blog) have noticed, but I have been introducing a photoblog-type aspect to my blog. I made a bookmarklet so I can do one click blogging of individual pics from my gallery. I still have a delay in getting stuff out of my cameras, onto my workstation,m and then published into the gallery, but one step at a time.

I do have a script that pulls the images off of my camera and puts them onto my laptop, which is useful, and another that uploads folders of images into my gallery. What I really need is something in the middle to rename and organize images based on their “unique” numbers from the camera and the date they are taken, and then upload new images into my gallery in reasonable albums based on their folders.

That will liekly involve some jhead trickery and more shell scripting. Totally awesome.

Where’s my friend? Sigh, I’m such a dork, typing on the laptop at the bar.

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This is what a grade school should look like!

Gallery :: 20050409 :: jm_d30_2858595

Duncombe Elementary School, Fort Dodge, Iowa 5050Awesome!


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My old clubhouse

Gallery :: 20050409 :: jm_d30_2858599

Now boarded up and locked tight.

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The Legos of my youth

Gallery :: 20050409 :: jm_a300_2737359

Yes. I know that the plural is Lego. Eff you.

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I broke up with my girlfriend just now. I went to her house and did it.

If you don’t own Copper Blue by Sugar, you have done yourself a disservice. I blasted this song all the way home. I don’t even know if it is appropriate, but here goes.

From “Helpless”:

Another time
time after time
You make me feel so helpless I
I never tried to change your mind
I keep it to myself it’s

Sometimes I’ve got to tell you
Is it this time I’ll tell you
We’ve got to go to places
Somewhere I don’t mind it’s special

And now you find as time goes by
You’re left with nothing
Meaning much
The meaning I will have to try
To take your mind to places

I wish that I could help you
But you seem less than helpless
I always tried to tell you
Someday that it’d seem so special

Time after time what’s on your mind
You make me feel so helpless I
You never tried what’s on your mind
You make me feel so helpless I
I feel so helpless I

You’re left alone with something
And I hope for you it’s one thing
That something you and yours can
Hold and hold as something special

And now you find as time goes by
You’re left with nothing meaning much
The meaning I will have to try
What’s on your mind so helpless I
I feel so helpless I

Maybe only some of that is appropriate, but really, the propriety comes from blasting it. Yeah.

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I could probably use more sleep

Ugh. School is a real grind. If it isn’t Calculus, it’s English Composition. If it isn’t either of those, it’s Intro to Computer Programming, which might as well be called “Intro to logic puzzles in scheme.”

Not that I mind scheme so much, I’m just grumpy.

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Service error -27.

Google is down


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