A Caveman In A Spaceship.

A Caveman In A Spaceship.

All right, I finally got around to sitting down and really listening to Valley Lodge, partly because I offhandedly replied to an email from the singer and he replied back and was all funny and cool and it was really special and then all of a sudden he just stopped. Any way, he said that I could burn 500 copies of the Valley Lodge cd for all of my friends, which honestly would be approximately 490 more than I would really need, especially since most of the people that I know could just take the mp3s and play them on their respective mp3 playing devices.

Nonetheless, I listened with an open heart and the slightly dirty pop and rock of Valley Lodge won me over. The next thing that I knew I was completely addicted and listening to the songs over and over again, one by one. At first I was just digging on the stuff that I knew was from John Kimbrough, but the next thing that I knew I was obsessively repeating “If It Takes All Night” and “Over It” and “Hey.” Dave’s voice was seducing me, drawing me in to his world of love and loss, broken hearts and Karo emotions.

Dave’s blog is funnier but less prolific than mine.

It’s all request hour on Radio K. Now is your chance, unless I’m in the bathroom or visiting the poster by Gopher Express that features me. You know, hanging out. Maxing and relaxing.

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  1. dude… turn your full article syndication back on… it makes me have to click too much and I don’t know if images are in the posts… and i’m not taking the time to read this.

  2. Fine. DONE.

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