I’m a model!

I’m also a hand model somewhere on one of the sites that we do at work.

5 Responses to “I’m a model! ”

  1. I took that picture of you!

  2. You should get a tuition discount for that. After all, it will bring oodles of freshman chicks to the U next year.

  3. I’m over the “O” in “SUPPORT”.

  4. /me sets as desktop

    uhh, huh-huh, huhuhuhuhuhh the bag you’re holding says “nut harvest”

    (and might i add the non-sized image is HUGE, holy crap that’s a nice camera.)

  5. […] est hour on Radio K. Now is your chance, unless I’m in the bathroom or visiting the poster by Gopher Express that features me. You know, hanging out. Maxing and relaxing. Paulasaurus Re […]

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