I’m never reading the City Pages again

Zach’s fucking blog got blog of the fucking day.

“Hatin’ on Doodlebops and lovin’ the election results, read a Radio K volunteer’s blog entitled XOPL.”

Hating on the Doodlebops? That’s my goddamn bag!
SEE: http://jpmullan.com/blog/261/the-doodlebops

That’s it. No more posting ever.

11 Responses to “I’m never reading the City Pages again ”

  1. PWN3D!!!

  2. All you have to do is be such a pansy that you actually register your blog under “Minnesota blogs” in City Pages, AFTER stealing a topic that you know will launch you higher in Googledom.

    Don’t fret, little man. They probably just randomly pick one of the blogs on their list anyway.


  4. That was a little over the top, and I appologise.

  5. I’ll never post a thing I find about Zach’s blog on City Pages thanks to my Google News Alert on Radio K again.


  6. No, no, it’s good to crush my soul. I’m not actually mad, I was just wigging out from a sextuple stuff Oreo. That’s right, I said sextuple stuff.

  7. Pre-school feces dance.

    “I heard that there was feces all over the bathroom.”

    “What’s feces?”

    “Baby mice.”

  8. Awesome movie!

  9. No worries, Zach. After all, I did call you a pansy, so I think we’re even.

    Besides, it was all just for Jesse anyway. If you were my friend instead I’d be commenting about how your blog doesn’t need any help because it was always the awesome.

    I was raking the yard today and found parts of rotting pumpkins. They reminded me of you. :]

    The screen is fixed and the firebowl is now ours (with a new matching bench no less). So Jesse is allowed to bring you over for beer and cookies after school anytime.

  10. Cookies?! Awww, you’re the best Lisa!

  11. Lisa’s cookies are delicious.

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