For Sale: 1996 Subaru Impreza LX 2.2 MT Coupe

Remember when we hit 115mph? I’m listening to our song right now, sweetie.

It’s better this way.

(Fragile, by Walt Mink)

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Limited Edition Steve Zissou Impreza


I’m getting some spray paint and totally doing this. Why not? I have two.

For sale: one maroon 1996 Subaru Impreza LX. 2.2L, manual transmission. Some front end damage, includes replacement body parts and some spares. Needs engine and suspension work.



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Another bike note

Going up the hill in front of the house felt like flying. I feel like I could use a taller top gear like I had on the black devil bike that would chant “faster faster” as I chased cars in the few flat parts of Stillwater in 1991. I’m lucky that I never died, what with the helmetless riding and all. I think that bike was stolen or I just broke too many teeth off of the chainring. Maybe both. I hope so, bike stealing jerks — let’s see you sell my $5 bike that my dad bought in some random dude’s back yard. That bike didn’t shift properly either.

This isn’t really bike related, but I’m actually only spending $25 a month on gas plus $70 on parking. That makes the bike-related savings even slimmer if I don’t ditch the green car (another $50 per month if I do). Oh yeah, that is indeed bike related.

There is a wonder called the U Pass which is like unlimited bus riding for a semester for like $90. $70? That right there is the ultimate savings, so that is probably what I will do, except that I can’t afford it right now. HAHAHA I LOVE YOU UNIVERSITY AUTOMATED PROCESSES. Jerks. GIVE ME THE MONEY THAT WAS LOANED TO ME A MONTH AND A HALF AGO.

Time to do homework. I’m not even slightly tired.

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Well, I thought about the Army

I finally got someone on the phone at One Stop (at the U) who discovered that my appeal to the hold on my financial aid had been marked as processed when really it had just been ignored. They put me on hold for a while and got it approved, so now my tuition will be covered by a loan to me! Hooray!

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HOWTO: Building a Gran Turismo 4 Steering wheel mount

HOWTO: Building a Gran Turismo 4 Steering wheel mount

I’d like to do this project, but I would probably want to get Gran Turismo 4 first. And a PS2. Not that I haven’t already paid for half of one.

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I found my new dream car(s)

NOw with more linking!

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Road Trip!

If there is one thing that I learned this weekend, it is that it isn’t really a road trip until someone cuts a silent fart so foul that you have to pull the car over and run away. You know what I’m talking about - the kind of fart that makes you accuse your car-mate of sticking the Necronomicon up their ass so that their colon could open a portal to hell to release a dark lord of hellfire.

All I’m saying is that if you release Cthulu from your bowels, you should roll down your own window. It’s a safety issue. The driver’s vision could be obscured by the brown fog.

P.S.: It was my mom, and it doesn’t have anything to do with what happened later, I just needed to cleanse my palate.

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A new NEW car!

It's new to me:

The car in its original packaging
Green Lion and Red Lion

Green Lion and Red Lion - now form Voltron!

No, not really. I got a new USED car. $800 and a trip to Saint Cloud to meet a nice couple of teachers. Lisa and Noah came with - we put the car seat, DVD player, and a portable screen in my red car - and Noah was really good the whole way! The car is a 1995 Subaru Impreza LX with an automatic transmission.

As you may know, I already have a red (crimson pearl) 1996 Impreza LX (which I still have a painful love for [story of my life]), but that car is missing a headlight and needs a ton of work that I have ignored over the last couple of years while doing things like paying off my credit cards (and that car itself).

Anyway, Lisa can drive the red car to the grocery store until I figure out what to do with it. My gut says to start throwing money at it again, but we will see. I know how much the bodywork will likely cost. I have a vague idea of the cost of doing the brakes (the rotors are warped) and fixing that lingering tapping sound in the engine that is probably a leaky oil pump seal. In the meantime I have a more reliable car that is only missing A/C and cruise control. Also, the outside is beat to heck - apparently the former owner did not know how to park.
Okay, so now I have a red one and a green one - all I need are the yellow, blue, and black ones and I can form Voltron.

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Doing 120 Plowing Over Mailboxes

I was tootling along in the middle lane of southbound 35W at a gentle, legal speed. Someone changed from the right lane into the middle lane in front of me. I tapped the brakes to match their speed, and all hell broke loose.

I must have hit black ice and gone into a four wheel skid. I let off the brakes right away, but the car snapped sideways. The car was pointing at the left guard rail. I think at that point the tires started to bite again - I remember hearing them squeal - but the rear end must not have hooked up because the car kept rotating.

Suddenly I was in the left lane staring into the windshield of an oncoming car - 180 degrees from where I had been heading. At this point I think that I had the clutch in and was hunting for the right gear, which was probably an error. In racing and police driving courses the mantra is: if you start to spin, both feet in. If your car is more than sideways then you probably want to lock up your brakes and get stopped ASAP, rather than fool around trying to catch it.

However, I was still turning. My Wheel of Fortune wasn't going to stop on “Trip to Bermuda” at all. Another 180 degrees went by and I was facing the correct direction on the left shoulder. For just a brief thousandth of a second I thought that I might have just come through it completely unscathed.

Then I heard that sickening crunch.

I was still rolling, though, and the car slotted easily into second, so I gave it a blip of the throttle and engaged the clutch. I checked my rearview mirrors to see seemingly motionless traffic behind me. I fed in a little more gas and the car seemed to be rolling straight with no problems. No thunking. No more crunching. No squeals of tortured metal giving way and no fountains of oil spraying across all three lanes.

I stepped on the gas and continued on my way to work.

When I parked, I opened the door and looked at the rear quarter panel. I was sure that I had hit there. However, the rear was straight and true. I was shocked. Sometimes when one hits something with a car it sounds worse than it is because the car resonates.

I took a step to the left so I could see past the open door. A brutal gash sliced across the fender of my poor sweet baby. My car, paid off for barely a month, was very hurt. Sixty thousand miles of commuting and road trips. Our plans for mad dashes across the continent were themselves dashed in three seconds of black ice.

I should mention that I am completely uninjured. My mp3 player didn't even skip. The frozen clementine orange barely moved from its cozy home next to the air compressor on the floor. My airbags didn't go off. The boxes in my back seat did not initiate a garbage-alanch. Inside of my car, the only indication that anything had happened was my own smell of desperation and panic.

Of course, Thursdays are the busiest day at work, but I could barely click to run a set of queries without considering where I could source a bumper skin, and whether or not I would need a new bumper bar. My mental survey of damages kept rolling through my head and interrupting my mostly automated tasks.

I think that I will be okay, financially, even though my insurance wouldn't cover the damages to my car. Since I just paid off my car, I switched to only liability coverage. Liability insurance would cover any damages to the guard rail, but I didn't stick around to ask if it was injured.

Switching to liability saves $400 per six months. Factor in my $500 deductible, and I will break even if the damages don't exceed $900. I can easily foresee $2000 in repair costs, but I might be able save some cash by sourcing some parts myself.

One last thing: I always wear my seatbelt. You should too.

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Re: [MN-Subaru] Since we’re all talking about super sticky summer tires

Of course it snows again. Welcome to Minnesota, I suppose. I got inadvertantly sideways (while driving in a straight line) on highway 7 in Hopkins tonight. If you're driving in the tracks, make sure that you pay attention when the tracks swerve. I hit 7″+ deep sno-cone material and the
car just snapped sideways 80 degrees to the direction that I had been going. Thank goodness that I had gotten half a mile ahead of the cars
behind me.

Right as I straightened out again a person coming the other way went into the median. Then, not a quarter mile later, I saw a car in the opposite lane silhouetted against the headlights of the traffic coming that way - completely sideways.
Oh well. Not much snow left, I think.

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