Dear Gin and Tonic

Thank you for tasting like wonderful Christmas Trees.

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When I say hot, this is what I mean

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We have rigged a system of fans to blow cold air up the stairs into my bedroom, but it is still fairly muggy up here. I saw this roller dog in the street, and it was the first roller dog that I have been able to resist. Maybe if it had be verifyably cheddarwurst I might have… no!

I just thought that everyone should share the joy of a hot dog in the street.

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With Apologies to Scout Niblett

Everybody needs a cute girl to bake them a cake

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Paul was nice enough to take me out.

Four one dollar beers do not equal one four dollar beer.

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Delicious Layer Cake

I shouldn’t have to tell you what I thought of this movie. Totally awesome. I’d go so far as to call it a masterwork, but then I’m generous and not judgemental.

The plotting was intricate without being busy, the camerawork inventive without being overwrought with artiness, and the action was violent without being a vast sea of meaningless combat. Basically, this movie was the polar opposite of Star Wars Episode Three: well written, well acted, well done. I could go on about the anti-hero turning evil and being undone in the end, but that would be stretching the analogy far beyond its domain.

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What A Short Strange Trip It Has Been

I made a new friend who reminded me of a lot of things that used to be important to me. It has been quite unsettling.

If you’re curious about school, there were three grades given to me this semester:

  • CSci 1902 - Programming II / Java : A
  • CSci 2011 - Discrete Math: B+
  • Math 1272 - Calculus II: B-

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Photoshoot with a hot model

John got new beer glasses, and he forced me to drink beer out of them. Then he forced me to bring home a six pack. Life is rough.

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Drink it, Jesse

Lychee Juice is pretty effing nasty. Especially the skin-like pulp. Gross.

It did go kinda well with the cheeseburger pizza slice.

Never mind. I should got get some sleep.

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I had like 6000 gallons of coffee yesterday. I’m still a little spun.

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