Hooray For Me!

An 86% in CSci 4011 translates to an A-, which, when combined with the A in my two credit coursework and run through my combinatorial machine, produces a GPA for the semester of 3.78! Hooray! I don’t think that the Dean’s list includes half time students in the summer, but that would be cool to get there again.

Just as I saw that grade the sun came out. How’s that for awesome? I get to look out of my window and see the sun falling on lush greenery across the river.

I should get back to the Gophers Afterdark calendar, because it is terribly important.

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I’m a model!

I’m also a hand model somewhere on one of the sites that we do at work.

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What to take this fall?

It’s easy to pick your classes when you know how:

  • CSCI 2021 Machine Architecture and Organization
  • CSCI 4041 Algorithms and Data Structures
  • MATH 2243 Linear Algebra & Differential Equations
  • ARTS 1001W Concepts in Visual Art

It’s very likely that I will be taking my brain home in a baggie every day.

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Never mind

Our records indicate that you are not currently enrolled in classes for the requested sales period at the University of Minnesota. In order to be eligible for a U-Pass, you must be currently enrolled in at least one class and have paid the transportation fee.

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Back from the dead

I guess whoever died just isn’t dead anymore, or they stopped mattering.

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Time to register for all new classes

I am very weird.

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Off to work!

On that homework for another four hours!

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Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot

This is a little scary, I got all crazy hot in class today and stopped sweating again, despite drinking another two liters of water. How much am I paying to slowly roast in a classroom with no air conditioning?

I wrote another post, but it’s embarrassingly lurid. I might have to run it through a few revisions. I dunno. I just want to go lie down on the couch and drink lemonade until the next guy comes to see the red car. Then, after he leaves I will call up Paul #2 and tell him to bring a trailer and a fat check. Paul #2 drives a 2005 Subaru WRX STi with all wheel drive and 300hp. He let me drive it yesterday and it was deliriously awesome, yet I knew right off that I didn’t want a car like that for myself. It was just way too fast.

Speaking of cars, it’s really easy for me to say things like “we should go ethanol” or “hybrids are getting there, but I think that they could have a lot more to offer than they currently do” or “fuel cells just displace the extraction of energy from fuel from individual vehicles to centralized power plants.” Walking away from ease and convenience of hopping in the car? Not so easy. I still think that all new homes and businesses in sunburnt parts of the country should be required to have solar panels in direct proportion to their square footage. Power companies should be required to accept excess power back into the grid and pay or credit users for it. Extra juice could be harnessed to do things like generate hydrogen for fuel cells, which would be a way that power companies could stockpile energy.

I don’t know where that came from. I’m gonna go lie down for a while.

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Origami Bowl

GMAN: Origami Bowl

If you have been in class with me you have probably been annoyed by me making origami boxes to hold pencil shavings (so I can sharpen pencils at my desk). You have to have something to do to keep awake when the professor is teaching to the bottom third of the class.

Anyway, This “bowl” design seems like it might be a little more straightforward. I should start precutting origami paper out of old notes and handouts now.

Props to boing boing for this 2003 link!

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Sadness is a sweet liqeuer

On paper you’d think that it would be one of the happiest evenings ever. Lisa and Stan finally took some much needed Lisa and Stan time, and I got to babysit Noah. We went to Waite Park at the top of the hill. It might only be the second highest point in Minneapolis, but the open sky and setting sun transported the park and everyone in it to the top of the world.

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